We will not accept the internet as it is.

             We will change and we will change it.

We will not give up privacy because “we have nothing to hide.”

            We will learn how others are implicated in the ways our data is used.

We will not believe everything we read online, or dismiss it either.

            We will think about why who’s posting what and where.

We will not trust algorithms as neutral or objective.

            We will demand transparency and better data.


We will not perform to an echo chamber.

            We will confuse our way out of filter bubbles.

We will not overlook prejudice online.

            We will complicate conversations.

We will not accept boys’ clubs in Silicon Valley.

            We will call white supremacy by its name.

We will not “consent” to the terms and conditions of big tech monopolies.

            We will collaborate and seek out more marginal players.


We will not use search engines or cloud storage just because we can.

            We will find out where the information and files we access are stored – and how.

We will not turn away from the mining, manufacturing, and disposal of our phones and computers.

            We will remember that displacing labour does not replace it.

We will not shop on Amazon.

            We will never shop on Amazon!

We will not buy a new device as often as we do.

            We will acknowledge and try to overcome our hypocrisies.


We will not respond to work emails after work.

            We will leave our phone outside the bedroom.

We will not do extra work just because mobile technology makes it possible.

            We will keep aiming for balance even as we keep missing it.

We will not scroll infinitely or lose ourselves in hyperlink wormholes.

            We will forgive ourselves when we do.

We will not assume newer, faster, and more convenient is better.

            We will be patient.




August 2020